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Our exquisite collection of handcrafted ornaments showcases the rich heritage of Polish stoneware craftsmanship. Each piece is a work of art, meticulously painted with intricate patterns and vibrant colors. Discover the beauty and charm of these unique decorations that are perfect for your home or for gift giving!


Antique Car-Ornament in Holly
Antique Car-Ornament in Winter Village
Antique Car-Ornament in Spruce Garland
Antique Car-Ornament in Holiday Bells
Ballerina-Ornament in Holiday Wreath
Ballerina-Ornament in Holiday Bells
Ballerina-Ornament in Falling Snow
Ballerina-Ornament in Touch of Red
Bicycle-Ornament in Blue Winter
Bicycle-Ornament in Winter Village
Bicycle-Ornament in Holiday Bells
Bicycle-Ornament in Touch of Red
Bird-Ornament in Touch of Red
Bird-Ornament in Holiday Wreath
Bird-Ornament in Spruce Garland
Bird-Ornament in Holiday Bells
Boot-Ornament in Holly
Boot-Ornament in Holly
$ 21.60 $ 24.00
Boot-Ornament in Blue Winter
Boot-Ornament in December Fun
Boot-Ornament in Winter Reindeer
Butterfly-Ornament in Holly
Butterfly-Ornament in Holly
$ 21.60 $ 24.00
Butterfly-Ornament in Winter Wonderland
Butterfly-Ornament in Spruce Garland
Butterfly-Ornament in Holiday Wreath
Church-Ornament in Falling Snow
Church-Ornament in Blue Winter
Church-Ornament in First Snow
Church-Ornament in Winter Wonderland
Cross-Ornament in Touch of Red
Cross-Ornament in Holly
Cross-Ornament in Holly
$ 21.60 $ 24.00
Cross-Ornament in Perennial Bulbs
Cross-Ornament in Winter Reindeer
Dog-Ornament in Holly
Dog-Ornament in Holly
$ 21.60 $ 24.00
Dog-Ornament in Holiday Bells
Dog-Ornament in Blue Winter
Dog-Ornament in Blue Winter
$ 21.60 $ 24.00
Dog-Ornament in Holiday Wreath
Elephant-Ornament in Winter Wonderland
Elephant-Ornament in First Snow
Elephant-Ornament in Spruce Garland
Elephant-Ornament in Blue Winter
Flat Tree-Ornament in Holly
Flat Tree-Ornament in Holly
$ 21.60 $ 24.00
Flat Tree-Ornament in Spruce Garland
Flat Tree-Ornament in Holiday Wreath
Flat Tree-Ornament in Touch of Red
Guitar-Ornament in Holly
Guitar-Ornament in Holly
$ 21.60 $ 24.00
Guitar-Ornament in Touch of Red
Guitar-Ornament in Blue Winter
Guitar-Ornament in First Snow
Harp-Ornament in Winter Village
Harp-Ornament in Touch of Red
Harp-Ornament in First Snow
Harp-Ornament in First Snow
$ 21.60 $ 24.00
Harp-Ornament in Spruce Garland
Horse-Ornament in Holiday Wreath
Horse-Ornament in Falling Snow
Horse-Ornament in Holiday Bells
Horse-Ornament in Spruce Garland
House-Ornament in Holly
House-Ornament in Holly
$ 21.60 $ 24.00
House-Ornament in Winter Reindeer
House-Ornament in Spruce Garland
House-Ornament in Touch of Red
Key-Ornament in Traditional Cherries
Key-Ornament in Touch of Red
Key-Ornament in Spruce Garland
Key-Ornament in Winter Reindeer
Large Bell-Ornament in Blue Winter
Large Bell-Ornament in Falling Snow
Large Bell-Ornament in December Fun
Large Bell-Ornament in Winter Reindeer
Little Bell-Ornament in Winter Reindeer
Little Bell-Ornament in Falling Snow
Little Bell-Ornament in Blue Winter
Little Bell-Ornament in Holly
Medium Ball-Ornament in Winter Reindeer
Medium Ball-Ornament in Blue Winter
Medium Ball-Ornament in Traditional Cherries
Medium Ball-Ornament in Spruce Garland
Owl-Ornament in Holly
Owl-Ornament in Holly
$ 21.60 $ 24.00
Owl-Ornament in Falling Snow
Owl-Ornament in Blue Winter
Owl-Ornament in Blue Winter
$ 21.60 $ 24.00
Owl-Ornament in Holiday Wreath
Pinecone-Ornament in Blue Winter
Pinecone-Ornament in Holiday Wreath
Pinecone-Ornament in Spruce Garland
Pinecone-Ornament in Holly
Pinecone-Ornament in Holly
$ 21.60 $ 24.00
Plane-Ornament in Holly
Plane-Ornament in Holly
$ 21.60 $ 24.00
Plane-Ornament in Holiday Bells
Plane-Ornament in Falling Snow
Plane-Ornament in Touch of Red
Puffer Fish-Ornament in Fish Bubbles
Puffer Fish-Ornament in Blue Squares
Puffer Fish-Ornament in Blue Elegance
Puffer Fish-Ornament in Squiggly
Reindeer-Ornament in Holly
Reindeer-Ornament in Holly
$ 21.60 $ 24.00
Reindeer-Ornament in Holiday Wreath
Reindeer-Ornament in Winter Reindeer
Reindeer-Ornament in Holiday Bells
Ring Basket-Ornament in Winter Reindeer
Ring Basket-Ornament in Spruce Garland
Ring Basket-Ornament in Holly
Ring Basket-Ornament in Holiday Bells
Rocking Horse-Ornament in Winter Reindeer
Rocking Horse-Ornament in Red Snowflake
Rocking Horse-Ornament in Winter Wonderland
Rocking Horse-Ornament in Winter Village
Rooster-Ornament in Holly
Rooster-Ornament in Holly
$ 21.60 $ 24.00
Rooster-Ornament in Holiday Bells
Rooster-Ornament in Falling Snow
Rooster-Ornament in Holiday Wreath
Round Heart-Ornament in Touch of Red
Round Heart-Ornament in Holly
Round Heart-Ornament in Winter Reindeer
Round Heart-Ornament in Blue Winter
Round Star-Ornament in Spruce Garland
Round Star-Ornament in Holly
Round Star-Ornament in Winter Reindeer
Round Star-Ornament in Blue Winter
Round Tree-Ornament in Holly
Round Tree-Ornament in Touch of Red
Round Tree-Ornament in Holiday Wreath
Round Tree-Ornament in Spruce Garland
Sailboat-Ornament in Blue Elegance
Sailboat-Ornament in Fish Eyes
Sailboat-Ornament in Blue Squares
Sailboat-Ornament in Fish Bubbles
Santa New-Ornament in Holly
Santa New-Ornament in Holly
$ 21.60 $ 24.00
Santa New-Ornament in Spruce Garland
Santa New-Ornament in Winter Reindeer
Santa New-Ornament in Holiday Wreath
Santa w/ Christmas Tree-Ornament in Holly
Santa w/ Christmas Tree-Ornament in Winter Reindeer
Santa w/ Christmas Tree-Ornament in Holiday Wreath
Santa w/ Christmas Tree-Ornament in Holiday Bells
Small Ball-Ornament in Blue Winter
Small Ball-Ornament in Holly
Small Ball-Ornament in Touch of Red
Small Ball-Ornament in Spruce Garland
Snowman New-Ornament in Winter Reindeer
Snowman New-Ornament in Spruce Garland
Snowman New-Ornament in Holiday Bells
Snowman New-Ornament in Traditional Cherries
Squirrel-Ornament in Holiday Wreath
Squirrel-Ornament in Blue Winter
Squirrel-Ornament in Winter Reindeer
Squirrel-Ornament in Winter Wonderland
Teacup-Ornament in Blue Winter
Teacup-Ornament in Holiday Wreath
Teacup-Ornament in Red Snowflake
Teacup-Ornament in Falling Snow
Teapot-Ornament in Spruce Garland
Teapot-Ornament in Winter Reindeer
Teapot-Ornament in Traditional Cherries
Teapot-Ornament in Holiday Bells
Teddy Bear-Ornament in Falling Snow
Teddy Bear-Ornament in Red Snowflake
Teddy Bear-Ornament in Holiday Wreath
Teddy Bear-Ornament in Blue Winter
Tractor-Ornament in Winter Reindeer
Tractor-Ornament in Touch of Red
Tractor-Ornament in Spruce Garland
Tractor-Ornament in Traditional Cherries
Train-Ornament in Holly
Train-Ornament in Holly
$ 21.60 $ 24.00
Train-Ornament in Falling Snow
Train-Ornament in Winter Reindeer
Train-Ornament in Red Snowflake
Tugboat-Ornament in Blue Elegance
Tugboat-Ornament in Green Squares
Tugboat-Ornament in Fish Bubbles
Tugboat-Ornament in Squiggly
Umbrella-Ornament in Spruce Garland
Umbrella-Ornament in Blue Winter
Umbrella-Ornament in Traditional Cherries
Umbrella-Ornament in Red Snowflake
Wizard-Ornament in December Fun
Wizard-Ornament in Holly
Wizard-Ornament in Holly
$ 21.60 $ 24.00
Wizard-Ornament in Holiday Bells
Wizard-Ornament in Falling Snow
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