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Our Polish Stoneware minis are hand-crafted, hand-decorated works of art!

Our miniatures are adorable for collecting and displaying. They're perfect in potted plants, outdoor fairy gardens, terrariums, dollhouses, crafts, as toys, gifts, or just to brighten up a desk or shelf!
Angel-Miniature in Blue Meadow
Angel-Miniature in Blue Winter
Angel-Miniature in Dahlia
Angel-Miniature in Dahlia
$ 36.00 $ 40.00
Angel-Miniature in December Fun
Baby Elephant-Miniature in Blue Meadow
Baby Elephant-Miniature in Dahlia
Baby Elephant-Miniature in Ladybugs
Baby Elephant-Miniature in Peacock
Bird-Miniature in Blue Meadow
Bird-Miniature in Dahlia
Bird-Miniature in Ladybugs
Bird-Miniature in Ladybugs
$ 36.00 $ 40.00
Bird-Miniature in Peacock
Boy Elephant-Miniature in Blue Meadow
Boy Elephant-Miniature in Dahlia
Boy Elephant-Miniature in Ladybugs
Boy Elephant-Miniature in Peacock
Bulldog-Miniature in Blue Meadow
Bulldog-Miniature in Dahlia
Bulldog-Miniature in Dahlia
$ 31.50 $ 35.00
Bulldog-Miniature in Ladybugs
Bulldog-Miniature in Peacock
Bunny Holding Easter Egg-Miniature in Spring Garden
Bunny Holding Easter Egg-Miniature in Dahlia
Bunny Holding Easter Egg-Miniature in Ladybugs
Bunny Holding Easter Egg-Miniature in Red Cardinals
Sm Cat-Miniature in Blue Meadow
Sm Cat-Miniature in Dahlia
Sm Cat-Miniature in Dahlia
$ 27.00 $ 30.00
Sm Cat-Miniature in Ladybugs
Sm Cat-Miniature in Peacock
Cat Playing-Miniature in Blue Meadow
Cat Playing-Miniature in Dahlia
Cat Playing-Miniature in Ladybugs
Cat Playing-Miniature in Peacock
Cat Sleeping-Miniature in Blue Meadow
Cat Sleeping-Miniature in Dahlia
Cat Sleeping-Miniature in Ladybugs
Cat Sleeping-Miniature in Peacock
Chick-Miniature in Blue Meadow
Chick-Miniature in Dahlia
Chick-Miniature in Ladybugs
Chick-Miniature in Ladybugs
$ 21.60 $ 24.00
Chick-Miniature in Peacock
Sm Dog-Miniature in Blue Meadow
Sm Dog-Miniature in Dahlia
Sm Dog-Miniature in Dahlia
$ 36.00 $ 40.00
Sm Dog-Miniature in Ladybugs
Sm Dog-Miniature in Peacock
Lg Duck-Miniature in Blue Meadow
Lg Duck-Miniature in Dahlia
Lg Duck-Miniature in Ladybugs
Lg Duck-Miniature in Peacock
Easter Ram - Miniature in White Polka-Dot
Easter Ram - Miniature in Spring Garden
Easter Ram - Miniature in Peacock
Easter Ram - Miniature in Dahlia
Sm Fish-Miniature in Squiggly
Sm Fish-Miniature in Simple Elegance
Sm Fish-Miniature in Fish Scales
Sm Fish-Miniature in Blue Elegance
Md Fish-Miniature in Fish Bubbles
Md Fish-Miniature in Squiggly
Md Fish-Miniature in Simple Elegance
Md Fish-Miniature in Blue Elegance
Lg Fish-Miniature in Fish Bubbles
Lg Fish-Miniature in Blue Elegance
Lg Fish-Miniature in Simple Elegance
Lg Fish-Miniature in Squiggly
Sm Garden Frog-Miniature in Blue Meadow
Sm Garden Frog-Miniature in Dahlia
Sm Garden Frog-Miniature in Ladybugs
Sm Garden Frog-Miniature in Peacock
Lg Garden Frog-Miniature in Blue Meadow
Lg Garden Frog-Miniature in Dahlia
Lg Garden Frog-Miniature in Ladybugs
Lg Garden Frog-Miniature in Peacock
Garden Lizard-Miniature in Blue Iris
Garden Lizard-Miniature in Ladybugs
Garden Lizard-Miniature in Peacock
Garden Lizard-Miniature in Red Cardinals
Girl Elephant-Miniature in Winter Village
Jack-O-Lantern-Miniature in Orange Elegance
Jack-O-Lantern-Miniature in Orange Tradition
Jack-O-Lantern-Miniature in Mint Tradition
Jack-O-Lantern-Miniature in Blue Tradition
Jewelry Basket-Miniature in Blue Meadow
Jewelry Basket-Miniature in Dahlia
Jewelry Basket-Miniature in Ladybugs
Jewelry Basket-Miniature in Peacock
Owl-Miniature in Blue Meadow
Owl-Miniature in Dahlia
Owl-Miniature in Dahlia
$ 21.60 $ 24.00
Owl-Miniature in Ladybugs
Owl-Miniature in Ladybugs
$ 21.60 $ 24.00
Owl-Miniature in Peacock
Picture Frame-Miniature in Blue Meadow
Picture Frame-Miniature in Dahlia
Picture Frame-Miniature in Ladybugs
Picture Frame-Miniature in Peacock
Piggy Bank in Blue Meadow
Piggy Bank in Dahlia
Piggy Bank in Ladybugs
Piggy Bank in Peacock
Sm Rabbit-Miniature in Ladybugs
Sm Rabbit-Miniature in Peacock
Sm Rabbit-Miniature in Dahlia
Sm Rabbit-Miniature in Spring Garden
Lg Rabbit-Miniature in Blue Meadow
Lg Rabbit-Miniature in Dahlia
Lg Rabbit-Miniature in Ladybugs
Lg Rabbit-Miniature in Peacock
Snail-Miniature in Blue Meadow
Snail-Miniature in Dahlia
Snail-Miniature in Dahlia
$ 21.60 $ 24.00
Snail-Miniature in Ladybugs
Snail-Miniature in Ladybugs
$ 21.60 $ 24.00
Snail-Miniature in Peacock
Snail-Miniature in Peacock
$ 21.60 $ 24.00
Tea Set-Miniature in Blue Meadow
Tea Set-Miniature in Dahlia
Tea Set-Miniature in Ladybugs
Tea Set-Miniature in Peacock
Turtle-Miniature in Blue Meadow
Turtle-Miniature in Dahlia
Turtle-Miniature in Ladybugs
Turtle-Miniature in Peacock
Turtle-Miniature in Peacock
$ 31.50 $ 35.00
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